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Up to 35% grant available
to homeowners for energy efficiency upgrades

Energy Consultancy and Retrofit Project Management Firm

For homeowners seeking a warmer, more comfortable and healthier home ERI will develop an upgrade plan that is right for you, your home and your budget.

By partnering with ERI you can improve your service offering to your client. You focus on the building works, we deal with all elements of the energy upgrade works on your behalf.

We provide architects with retrofit advice and tailored NZEB, Air Tightness and BER services that are respectful to the building architecture, surroundings and heritage.

With 20+ years of experience in business management across multiple sectors we provide commercial clients with expert advice and guidance on their projects and work with your organisation on the delivery and roll out of projects on time and within budget.

ERI also offer the following additional Energy Consultancy and Retrofit Project Management Services.

ERI offer our One Stop Shop to our customers throughout the South, Southeast and East Coast.  We have been retrofitting domestic homes since 2009 and have been involved in the initiation of the One Stop Shop delivery concept for whole house retrofits since the initial pilot in 2015.


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Energy Solutions in Ireland

Heat energy accounts for 38% of final energy consumption in Ireland with oil, gas and solid fuels still the primary means for heat generation.  94% of our energy for heat still comes from fossil fuels (oil, gas and solid fuels still the primary means for heat generation).  In 2017, the average Irish dwelling emitted nearly twice the energy related carbon dioxide emissions than the average EU dwelling. This is due to greater use of high-carbon fuels including oil, coal and peat, and the lack of insulation in many of our homes.  Ireland’s government is aiming to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 7% a year from 2021 to 2030.  The Programme for Government also sets out the aim of achieving net-zero emissions by 2050. How will we achieve this?  First we need to develop a detailed understanding of the options available to us, what they cost, how we can deliver them and how these may impact the people and businesses that use heat.

ERI is an independent energy management firm, specialising in providing managed energy solutions in Ireland.  We are mainly focused on providing bespoke solutions to homeowners, architects, developers and the public sector.  We will help clients across a wide variety of sectors and operate in four main areas: Energy Consulting, New Build Advice, Energy Retrofit and Energy Services.  It is valid that best practices can be passed from one project, industry or region to the next; indeed, we all recognise that no two entities or their demands are always the same.  It’s why we put the customer’s requirements and the expected results at the core of each and every project before we proceed.  

Before considering how we supply heat for our homes or businesses, we need to act to use less.  Study after study has proven that eliminating energy waste is the cheapest way to take carbon out of the system. Technologies that are needed here are wall, roof and floor insulation, improved windows, doors, draught proofing, and heating controls.  Most of Ireland’s homes are heated by oil, gas and solid fuels. By improving insulation levels and air tightness these homes could be put in a state to enable a shift from direct fossil fuel use to electric heat pumps. Some homes are already ready and could switch a fossil fuel boiler out for a heat pump now.  

Through our retrofit project management service in Ireland we provide you with a bespoke plan for your home or business.  We build partnerships with clients and deliver on their needs through ‘best in class’ collaborations, vendors or federations.  Understanding what you need and providing the best ideas is what we do.

We assume that by combating climate change and energy stability, businesses and governments can boost growth, increase jobs and generate economic growth.  So with the aim of Nearly Zero Energy Buildings In Ireland (NZEB),  we will always work to pursue strategies that provide financial, environmental and economic advantages.  We also believe that working with our clients is essential to the success of any project, and you can be assured that our approach will always be professional, respectful and fair. 

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