Energy Consultancy and Retrofit Project Management for Architects & Engineers. 


Why I need this

  • Client has just purchased house in need of energy retrofit and modernisation.
  • Client is completing a whole house renovation and wants to consider all their options.
  • Want to offer client best value for money in their retrofit.
  • Want an energy advisor to take care of your energy upgrade design needs.

What is included

  • On site assessment specific to your needs.
  • One to one discussion on the energy upgrade journey.
  • Advice on upgrade options.
  • Approximate costs of measures outlined.
  • Prioritisation of upgrade measures sensitive to budgetary constraints.
  • Energy upgrade report issued with roadmap and estimated costings.
  • Energy upgrade tender package preparation.

What do I get

  • Whole dwelling assessment with client specific energy upgrade report, roadmap and estimated costings.
  • Value engineered with prioritisation of energy upgrade measures sensitive to budgetary constraints.
  • Due consideration for traditional and protected buildings.
  • Solutions sensitive to moisture movement and building architecture.
  • Client specific energy upgrade tender package prepared.

New Build

Why I need this

  • Client completing a self build.
  • Client completing a housing development.
  • Want to offer value proposition to your client and focus on design, planning and cost elements of the build.
  • Want an energy advisor with industry and practical on site experience.

What is included

  • Preliminary BER and NZEB assessments for your commencement notice.
  • One to one discussion and advice on compliance options.
  • NSAI certified air-leakage testing.
  • Final handover BER certification and NZEB compliance checks.
  • Advice on choice of renewable systems such as heat-pumps and solar PV.

What do I get

  • Partner with an energy advisor with proven experience in the industry.
  • Value engineered to ensure higher margins and value for money for your clients.
  • NZEB Compliance and planning needs catered for.

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We are mission focused, not product focused. We use a purposeful approach to your idea. We offer tailored consultancy services to lower energy bills, boost the comfort and longevity of your property and minimise greenhouse gas emissions.  As a private entity, we are independent and we do not support any particular products or services. We serve as a trusted partner and a part of your company so that you can concentrate on architecture and deliver a better service to the customer. Our goal is to identify detailed, integrated, cost-effective solutions for every customer and every property. 

The professional services support for architects that we provide will assist you in dealing with clients who are worried about their high electricity bills, matters of comfort or air quality, or those who are interested in emerging technology, renewable energy projects and assistance in seeking financial benefits.  We can assist you with residential and office complexes, multi-family buildings, fitness clubs, schools, community buildings, one off complex designs and commonplace buildings.  If your project is a retrofit or is about to be constructed, we will give you retrofitting guidance or NZEB design support with a focus on the design, surroundings and history of buildings.  We will provide a full suite of measures inclusive of design and project management support, BER facilities, Air Tightness and Ventilation Validation.  We will act as a One Stop Shop for all of yours or your customers third party needs.

Our company has been involved in energy retrofit project management and new build design since 2007 and in the construction sector since 2002.  We are acquainted with creative construction materials and methods and are known to be pioneering building science experts in Ireland. We think critically about the strategies that will fit better for your building, and we can suggest new approaches or products that will operate in a superior manner and save you resources.

We are associated with some of the finest construction workers in the country. We are pleased to collaborate with your team to simplify your project – costs, plans, products and new ideas. 

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