Energy Consultancy and Retrofit Project Management for Commercial Clients. 


Why I need this

  • Want to explore a new business sector or revenue stream but do not want to commit to a full time resource at this stage.
  • Looking for a resource with renewable energy experience to carry out a specific task or to assist in the development of your in house team.
  • Looking to build a team in a specific business sector.
  • Looking to put a business process in place or optimise your existing processes.
  • Looking for someone with management and business experience.

What we offer

  • Business process optimisation.
  • New business process set up.
  • Project Management.
  • See additional services for specific renewable energy services relevant to your sector – insert link

Our Experience

  • Five years working with public service and not for profit organisations in programme/project management roles. This involved being fully immersed in the organisations working with the senior personnel in the delivery and roll out of significant projects on time and within budget to the parameters as set out by the organisation.
  • Programme and project management in the manufacturing and services industries across a number of different organisations.

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